What your cloud provider doesn’t want you to know

Cloud architecture is practiced differently, depending on who you work for or with. Given that the cloud architect gig encompasses planning, design, technology selection, technology integration, and deployment planning, the overall cloud architecture itself is often somehow overlooked. 

The lack of cloud architectural discipline allows for inefficient architectures that cost you money, but make money for the public cloud providers. Here are a few secrets to keep in mind. They’re so numerous that I’ve spread this topic across two posts. Here are the first two things the providers don’t want you to know: 

First, with a bit of planning, you can do cloud computing much cheaper. You’ve heard of “reserved instances,” right? Basically, they are the purchase of cloud-based resources, such as storage and compute, ahead of the need. Public cloud providers award you with a discount for paying in advance, which ranges from a lot to a little, depending on the provider. 

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