More security partitions is always a good idea

I’m often taken aback by the lack of granularity when it comes to security identity management. Although most security approaches and tools have the capability to partition security domains by people, roles, locations, devices, and parts of databases, most people set up cloud security with only a few domains.  For those of you who don’t… Continue reading More security partitions is always a good idea

Coming soon: Eco-friendly data centers | TECH(feed)

As the push for sustainability across all businesses intensifies, so too will the push for greener IT infrastructure. Data centers are notorious for giving off thermal energy and being somewhat energy inefficient. Researchers at Rice University are looking for solutions to turn this heat into something a little more useful. In this episode of TECH(feed),… Continue reading Coming soon: Eco-friendly data centers | TECH(feed)

The best graph databases

Graph databases, which explicitly express the connections between nodes, are more efficient at the analysis of networks (computer, human, geographic, or otherwise) than relational databases. That gives graph databases a leg up for applications such as fraud detection and recommendation systems. To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story) from InfoWorld Cloud… Continue reading The best graph databases