Cloud architects need to deal with cloudops

I’m a cloud computing architect. I get to draw impressive diagrams, meet with cloud providers, pick security approaches and technology, deal with governance, and then turn the whole thing over to other people to actually do the work. Nice work if you can get it. Many cloud architects believe that their job ends at the… Continue reading Cloud architects need to deal with cloudops

When should enterprises adopt 5G? | TECH(talk)

5G deployment is a hot topic, especially as many countries race to build next-generation networks. The U.S. has banned Huawei from contributing to its network construction, but will that really set the U.S. back? Amid all of the hype surrounding 5G, Jack E. Gold, president and principal analyst at J.Gold Associates, joins Juliet to discuss… Continue reading When should enterprises adopt 5G? | TECH(talk)

Implementing EDI with Azure Logic Apps

When we think about enterprise applications it’s easy to think only of the code that runs behind our firewalls, in our data centers, and in instances running on public clouds. We usually forget one of the more important aspects of modern business: connecting businesses together, securely. To read this article in full, please click here… Continue reading Implementing EDI with Azure Logic Apps

Fix your cloud security

I found some interesting statistics in this RedLock article that illustrate the severity of the cloud security problem: Only 7 percent of businesses have good visibility of all critical data, and 58 percent say they only have slight visibility. (ForcePoint) Vulnerabilities: 24 percent of organizations have hosts missing high-severity patches in the public cloud. (RedLock) More than three-fourths of security breaches (80%)… Continue reading Fix your cloud security