The path to cloud security goes through integration

The cloud security problem is not really a problem any more. Indeed, we have the best security technology in the public clouds these days, and in some cases it’s better than what’s in the on-premises systems that are no longer receiving the R&D spending love.

So, if security is so good in the cloud, why do so many in IT believe there an issue? The fact is that public cloud never works alone (although it seems that way if you listen to the public cloud providers). They need to interact with third-party systems, such as credit-checking services and data-validation services, as well as many systems running on traditional on-premises platforms.

As many good security people will tell you, security is only as good as the least secure systems in the enterprise, cloud or not. So, all security must be systemic and work together. And that’s how it is in the cloud.

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from InfoWorld Cloud Computing