The proof is in: Devops and cloud go great together

Devops needs cloud, and the cloud needs devops. Having one wthout the other means you don’t get the full potential of either.

Why? Well the ability to build applications at the “speed of need” that devops provides, if done properly, won’t have the value unless you have an agile platform like the cloud to deploy the applications on. In the same manner, the cloud needs fast and agile development, which devops provides.

I’ve made this argument before, but now there is evidence that the two together are greater than the sum of their parts. A new study by managed services provider Claranet found that 74 percent of enterprises that had migrated to the cloud had experienced challenges with ops teams limiting the potential of devops. The reason: There was no cloud at the end of the devops processes and tool chains.

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from InfoWorld Cloud Computing