IDG Contributor Network: Big data: enabling new approaches to IT infrastructure security

Consider modern enterprise IT infrastructure. Increasingly, it is a complex combination of on premise computing and storage and off premise, cloud-based resources. Tying all of this together is a web of data connections. Applications can run either in the cloud or locally, and all of this is subject to penetration by bad actors. Combine this with the internet of things (IoT), where virtually every device is connected, and the number of points of potential compromise increase exponentially. The wonder is not that so many large enterprise networks are breached, but that so few are.

It is no wonder that the security industry is burgeoning. With five-year growth estimated by Forbes at 9.8 percent annually, security has become big business. As the threat becomes more acute, the security solutions being introduced to the market are also becoming more sophisticated. The current notion is that single solutions are no longer sufficient to adequately protect the enterprise: “defense in depth” is the new mantra—where multiple solutions beginning at the edge of the network and becoming increasingly more complex the closer to the application one gets—becomes the norm.

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from InfoWorld Big Data