IDG Contributor Network: 3 things to know about IoT (and fog) in 2018

The IoT revolution is here. Connected devices are reaching every part of our lives, from wearables, to the smart home, to the industrial internet. (This infograph created by First Mark Capital does a great job of showing the breadth and reach of the internet of everything).

IoT has come a long way incredibly quickly since the first IoT device was introduced in 1990, a toaster that could be turned on and off by the internet. Twenty-seven years later, connected devices have gone from novelty item to an essential part of daily life. Recent estimates have shown that the average American adult spends more than four hours on a smart phone per day, a device packed with IoT sensor data. And this is a cycle that builds on itself. Currently, 81 percent of American adults own a smartphone. Imagine how much more data we will be sending and receiving when 81 percent of Americans own a smart car and a smart home.

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from InfoWorld Cloud Computing