IDG Contributor Network: As some technologies become mature, our focus shifts toward new areas of innovation

I recently attended the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2017 conference in Austin, Texas, which gathers leading technologists from multiple open source cloud-native communities to further the education and advancement of cloud-native computing. This was my first time attending this conference, so it was quite enlightening for me. My goal was to get a pulse on the cloud-native technologies that the industry is focused on and where we stand today and where we are going tomorrow. Although I am not a developer by trade, I make it a point to learn as much as I can about specific areas of technology that I find interesting.

Kubernetes is boring

If there was ever a question as to which container orchestrator would prevail, that question has been answered. Kubernetes is the clear winner. Why? Because Kubernetes has become boring. This means the technology is stable and it just works. Kelsey Hightower wrote a book, Kubernetes the Hard Way, that talks about the complexities in deploying a cluster. No longer do we need to worry about this as those complexities have been abstracted away. The process has been simplified and, to be honest, it has become boring. This simplification has now allowed vendors to focus on developing tools, plugins, add-ons, and extensions that bring value to the platform. The announcement by Docker to support running Kubernetes on Docker Enterprise Edition is a testament of the adoption of Kubernetes and what customers are asking for.

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