IDG Contributor Network: Visual automated CI/CD is essential for great devops

Units of space are everywhere. We can see them all around us. When we package a unit of space distinctly, we call it a container. Whether on ships in the sea, or in a storage closet, we use containers to organize things into isolated and distinct units of space. In the computing world, containers have become the distinguishing structure used to isolate and organize elements of software code. Just like containers on ships or in the closet, they can be visualized.

In today’s web-centric IT world, application programming interfaces (APIs), command-line interfaces (CLIs), microservices, and other deployable software code releases all tend to reside in containers. In point of fact, container utilization has become a powerful way in which to build and maintain consistently efficient quality-controlled systems, and it has become a cornerstone of modern devops.

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from InfoWorld Cloud Computing