5 Python libraries to lighten your machine learning load

Machine learning’s exciting, but the work is complex and difficult. It typically involves a lot of manual heavy lifting — assembling workflows and pipelines, setting up data sources, and shunting back and forth between on-prem and cloud-deployed resources.

The more tools you have in your belt to make that job easier, the better. Thankfully, Python is a giant tool belt of a language that’s widely used in big data and machine learning. Here are five Python libraries that help make the heavy lifting for those trades a little less heavy.


A simple package with a powerful premise, PyWren lets you run Python-based scientific computing workloads as multiple instances of AWS Lambda functions. A profile of the project at The New Stack describes how PyWren uses AWS Lambda as a giant parallel processing system, tackling projects that can be sliced and diced into little tasks that don’t need a lot of memory or storage to run.

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