IBM sets up a machine learning pipeline for z/OS

If you’re intrigued by IBM’s Watson AI-as-a-Service, but are reluctant to trust IBM with your data, Big Blue has a compromise. It’s packaging Watson’s core machine learning technology as an end-to-end solution that’s available behind your firewall.

Now the bad news: It’ll only be available to z System / z/OS mainframe users. At least for now.

From start to finish

IBM Machine Learning for z/OS  isn’t a single machine learning framework. It’s  a collection of popular frameworks — in particular Apache SparkML, TensorFlow, and H2O — packaged with bindings to common languages used in the trade (Python, Java, Scala), and with support for “any transactional data type.” IBM is pushing it as a pipeline for building, managing, and running machine learning models, by way of visual tools for each step of the process and RESTful APIs for deployment and management.

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from InfoWorld Big Data