3 steps to boost your career in the cloud

It’s not easy to get ahead in large enterprises. Companies of that size are typically awash in policies and procedures that affect how far and how fast you can go as an employee. Years ago, I remember working for a Global 2000 company where it was understood that you had to leave and come back to get any kind of career acceleration.

These days, with the cloud technology talent shortage and the higher cost of that talent, companies are a bit more pragmatic. My advice to people stuck in the big-company IT job rut is to work the hype around cloud for your own career advantage. Here’s how:

First, you need to put in the extra time to learn all you can. Attend most of the local cloud computing meetups. There are Amazon Web Services meetups, cloud security meetups, and so on. Also, get all the certifications you can reasonably acquire. They are all in demand, and you can take the courses at any time without entering a classroom.

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