MariaDB crashes open souce big data analytics competitors

MySQL variant MariaDB is aiming for the OLAP market with the public release of its latest feature, ColumnStore 1.0.

The move is part of MariaDB’s mission to broaden its reach and be a cheaper alternative to analytics databases like Teradata or Vertica. But the company faces stiff open source competition.

Doing more with less

Originally announced in April, ColumnStore isn’t a new project; it’s a port of an existing one, InfiniDB, that used the MySQL engine. After the company that produced InfiniDB went defunct in 2015, MariaDB took over the project, continued supporting its existing customer base, and realized that InfiniDB’s column-oriented technology could add OLAP capabilities to the traditionally OLTP-oriented MySQL. (Column-stored data allows for high-speed reading and searching of datasets.)

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from InfoWorld Big Data