10 things you don’t need to worry about in 2017

Before Thanksgiving, as is my tradition, I gave you things to worry about next year. Now sit back, relax, and read about what you don’t need to worry about.

1. Cloud eating the world (yet)

The price is still often too high for predictable, critical apps. There are still entrenched pieces of IT infrastructure that aren’t cloud-friendly. There are still entrenched people in IT that are hoping to drag their feet. We’ll get there eventually, but I wouldn’t cut up your HP or Lenovo credit account yet.

2. Dell/EMC doing anything anyone cares about 

They’re selling off bits of themselves already (or de-merging their past failed mergers, if you prefer). Read down their catalog and they start to look like HP, a landing zone for technology that people used to care about but will replace if it gets much more expensive. Their initiatives all look like the same thing all the other big vendors are doing. They’re even moving their conference from the Silicon Prairie to Vegas … where IBM holds its big events. With such inspiring leadership, I’d probably watch “Halt and Catch Fire” season one and remember the good old days when their ancestor companies were the insurgents.

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