AWS Greengrass weds IoT devices to the cloud

AWS CEO Andy Jassy predicts that as more workloads move to the public IaaS cloud, companies will reduce the number of servers they will manage and the new definition of on-premises infrastructure will increasingly be internet of things (IoT) devices.

“More and more companies are deploying connect IoT devices,” he notes, including factories, ships, cars, oil rigs, and agricultural machines. “Every place they have assets, they want to be able to collect and analyze data.”

The problem, Jassy says, is that many of these devices tend to be relatively limited in their capabilities with a very small amount of CPU and disk. “There are times when you don’t want to make the roundtrip to the cloud and back,” he says, for assets that live in places without internet connectivity, or for processing that needs to be done with very low latencies.

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from InfoWorld Cloud Computing