Transform or bust: The future of enterprise IT

The old William Gibson adage “the future is already here—it’s just not very evenly distributed” has never been more apt. We live in a world where the leading internet companies have modernized their datacenters, software, and processes beyond what the average enterprise can even imagine. The gap has become so wide that we talk in terms of digital transformation to advance from one state to the other.

Over the years, Zorawar Biri Singh has offered his own unique vision the enterprise’s future—as head of cloud for IBM and HP, as a VC at Khosla Ventures, and until recently as CTO of Cisco. In my interview with Singh in February, he described a next-generation datacenter infused with containerized microservices and pervasive analytics. When I caught up with him again last week, he took stock of technology advances since then, but also outlined the initiatives enterprises must put in place to transform themselves.

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from InfoWorld Cloud Computing