Deep learning is already altering your reality

We now experience life through an algorithmic lens. Whether we realize it or not, machine learning algorithms shape how we behave, engage, interact, and transact with each other and with the world around us.

Deep learning is the next advance in machine learning. While machine learning has traditionally been applied to textual data, deep learning goes beyond that to find meaningful patterns within streaming media and other complex content types, including video, voice, music, images, and sensor data.

Deep learning enables your smartphone’s voice-activated virtual assistant to understand spoken intentions. It drives the computer vision, face recognition, voice recognition, and natural language processing features that we now take for granted on many mobile, cloud, and other online apps. And it enables computers—such as the growing legions of robots, drones, and self-driving vehicles—to recognize and respond intelligently and contextually to the environment patterns that any sentient creature instinctively adapts to from the moment it’s born.

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from InfoWorld Big Data