5 flavors of hybrid cloud transforming the enterprise

Six years ago I interviewed the CIO of a large enterprise about the company’s public cloud adoption plans and got this somewhat peevish pushback: Why should we? With our datacenters’ huge scale, we’re already a “cloud.”

No doubt that CIO’s opinion has changed since then as the dazzling array of services offered in the public cloud from analytics to AI have become irresistible. Yet the CIO’s reaction remains relevant: With a huge amount of sunk cost in our datacenters, the idea that we’d simply switch to a public cloud provider’s platform wholesale is ridiculous.

That leaves us where we are today: Nearly all companies have kept their datacenters and at the same time ventured into the public cloud—often using multiple SaaS and IaaS providers. This provides all sorts of opportunity for different types of connected, hybrid clouds. Here are five of the most common patterns:

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