Bitbucket Pipelines: Continuous delivery in the cloud

Atlassian has moved Bitbucket Pipelines, its cloud-based application development tool focused on continuous delivery and integration, into production. The company envisions the service as a boon for microservices deployments.

With Bitbucket Pipelines, teams can build, test, and deploy applications without having to set up a CI/CD server. Pipelines supports the entire development workflow, with coding and configuration unified in one environment.

“In Bitbucket, now you have the source code and the infrastructure as code, and those things are living together and connected now going forward,” said Sean Regan, Atlassian head of marketing for Jira, Bitbucket, and Devtools. Tests can be executed from the same place where code is stored, and code can be pushed out to cloud platforms like Amazon.

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from InfoWorld Cloud Computing