IDG Contributor Network: The cloud 10 years from now

It’s that time of year where I typically publish my predictions for 2017. To be honest, most of the predictions that I usually talk about are pretty close to commercialization, so it is really less a “prediction,” and more about letting everyone know about the various technical advancements getting ready to hit the mainstream market to which I just happen to be privy.

This year, I’m going to try something new. I’m going to write a little sci-fi (or is it really science non-fiction?) about what the cloud may be 10 years from now. Ten years in technology is getting harder and harder to imagine as leaps between technical advancements continue to grow at an astounding pace. There are still signs of what will come: companies large and small are harnessing the mass computing power of the cloud, not just to deliver cute cat videos on demand to your phones, but to optimize everything — even work that only humans can do now.

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from InfoWorld Cloud Computing