Why Oracle won’t beat Amazon

Let’s give Oracle’s Larry Ellison some credit for bravado. As captured by Eric Knorr, “Oracle is making it abundantly clear that it’s not ready to concede anything to the cloud natives” like AWS.

That’s awesome! Or it would be, if only Oracle could make this “abundantly clear” to customers, who remain mostly oblivious of Oracle’s heroic attempts to dominate the public cloud in the same way it has dominated datacenters.

In the SaaS world, Oracle is a player. (Note: Matt Asay is vice president of Mobile for Adobe, but his opinions are his own.) But in the explosive IaaS market, “Oracle also does not have enough market share to qualify for inclusion” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. It’s a non-entity, and despite a year of bluster that hasn’t changed. 

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