Larry Ellison doubles down on the cloud

History tells us that most natives of “new worlds” suffer defeat, overwhelmed by well-armed invaders from the old world. But that’s not true of the public cloud, where natives still rule the troposphere: Amazon is the undisputed leader in IaaS, Salesforce takes the pole position in SaaS, and Salesforce also wins in PaaS with

The old world hasn’t thrown in the towel yet, though, as this week’s Oracle OpenWorld event makes clear. Oracle CTO Larry Ellison gave a 70-slide presentation Sunday night to kick off Oracle’s annual OpenWorld event, working his way through a litany of SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS offerings that never seemed to end. 

Most notable was the new IaaS push. Last year’s OpenWorld declaration that Oracle was going after AWS was outrageous enough; this year Ellison cranked it to 11 with the rallying cry that “Amazon’s lead is over” and a pledge to beat Amazon pricing. Apparently, Oracle’s 2013 Nimbula acquisition, which brought with it two of the original builders of AWS, has finally borne fruit. 

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from InfoWorld Cloud Computing