Beyond Solr: Scale search across years of event data

Every company wants to guarantee uptime and positive experiences for its customers. Behind the scenes, in increasingly complex IT environments, this means giving operations teams greater visibility into their systems — stretching the window of insight from hours or days to months and even multiple years. After all, how can IT leaders drive effective operations today if they don’t have the full-scale visibility needed to align IT metrics with business results?

Expanding the window of visibility has clear benefits in terms of identifying emerging problems anywhere in the environment, minimizing security risks, and surfacing opportunities for innovation. Yet it also has costs. From an IT operations standpoint, time is data: The further you want to see, the more data you have to collect and analyze. It is an enormous challenge to build a system that can ingest many terabytes of event data per day while maintaining years of data, all indexed and ready for search and analysis.

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from InfoWorld Big Data