Reality check: Cloud growth projections don’t add up

According to a recent report from 451 Research, three in five enterprise workloads will run in the cloud by mid-2018. If you’re keeping score, that’s up from two in five today. As a cloud advocate — and considering how I make my living — reports like this make me happy. It’s more money for me.

However, as a realist, I’m compelled to provide honest commentary. The report seems overly optimistic.

According to 451 Research, there will be strong growth in specific enterprise workload categories, including data and analytics, as well as business applications. It also predicts that 12 percent of workloads will be as IaaS, double the 6 percent of today. (In addition, 451 Research predicts that 23 percent of enterprise workloads will be SaaS.)

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from InfoWorld Cloud Computing