Prepare for the big cloud-driven job shakeup

It’s pretty obvious which technologies — cloud computing, in particular — are changing IT and, thus, IT careers, says Gartner. According to Gartner, in the next 18 months, we’ll see cloud computing drive some jobs out and other jobs in.

In Gartner’s survey of IT professionals, respondents identified the cloud as the technology that will have the single biggest impact on their career in 2016. “Emerging technologies in fields such as cloud computing, mobility, and data and analytics, in addition to security and risk management, are permeating nearly every aspect of the IT landscape,” said John Hagerty, a Gartner vice president.

Of course, this is no surprise to anyone already in cloud computing. Indeed, I’ve gone from getting a few calls per month from recruiters to several a week. What’s changed is that employers are now very specific as to the skills they’re seeking. A few years ago, they were simply looking for “cloud people.” (I always got a laugh out of that.)

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from InfoWorld Cloud Computing