IDG Contributor Network: Should you trust Google with your data?

Should you trust Google with your data?

Google’s products and services have proven to be quite popular among millions of users around the world. But some users have also declined to trust their data to Google, and have opted for privacy oriented alternatives.

And so the debate about Google continues as each user tries to answer the very personal question: Should I trust Google with my data?

A writer at Android Central recently posted an article that explained why he definitely trusts Google with his data:

I’m more inclined to trust the company that shows me what it’s doing. That shows me which parts of my data it’s using, and tell me how it’s using it, how I can control whether I want to share it in the first place. (Of course that extends to trusting that I’m actually being shown everything. But, dammit, either you’re willing to go outside and risk crossing the street, or you cower at home under the covers.)

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