Arizona may force CIOs to adopt the cloud

Move to the cloud — or else! That’s the basic thrust of a proposed Arizona state law, S.B. 1434, now awaiting Governor Doug Ducey’s approval or veto. This law would require state agencies to shift their IT resources and operations to the cloud (public and/or private).

Here how it reads:

The department shall adopt a policy that establishes a two-year hardware, platform, and software refresh evaluation cycle for budget units that requires each budget unit to evaluate and progressively migrate the budget unit’s information technology assets to use a commercial cloud computing model or cloud model as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The policy must direct budget units to consider purchasing and using cloud computing services before making any new information technology or telecommunications investment.

If adopted, this law would put an end to anticloud foot-dragging by Arizona state agencies. CIOs could risk jail time for noncompliance.

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from InfoWorld Cloud Computing


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