IDG Contributor Network: Finland, the land of vertical search engines

A number of search engine startups that focus on specific verticals have emerged in Finland in recent years. The country is known to encourage policies and attitudes that emphasize equal access to information. With these policies coupled with deep engineering talent and multidisciplinary know-how, it’s no wonder Finns have been busy improving search since the 1990s.

The new search startups focus on very specific verticals from add and video search to business leads and sales opportunities.

AlphaSense, a search engine for financial professionals and perhaps the most high-profile Finnish search startup due to its recent $30 million round. The company is headquartered in California with developers in Finland. Other search engines include Oppex, a Helsinki based search platform for public tenders; Valossa, an AI-powered video search; Ahmia, a search for hidden services; SciNet, a visual discovery search, Klevu; search for eCommerce; and AddSearch, in-website search engine.

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from InfoWorld Big Data


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