BrandPost: It Takes a Village to Raise the Value of Big Data

For businesses, the days of the renaissance person have passed. Someone like a utility infielder who has some experience with a lot of functions used to be quite valuable because you could put them in wherever they were needed. But today’s organizations are so complex that they need people with expertise in very specific areas. These days it pays – frequently quite well – to be a specialist. For example, if you’re a data scientist, IT security expert, or computer engineer, there are people waiting to meet you in HR departments all across the globe.

But expertise can have its limits.

While it is always a good idea to have an expert doing what she or he is expert at, it is wrong to think that there is always an expert with all the skills you need. Especially when it comes to dealing with Big Data. This is one of the most complex, evolving, ambiguous, and important areas of business development today, and many companies are seeking a qualified expert to help them rein it in. But is acquiring one Big Data expert really the best path to success?

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from InfoWorld Big Data


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