IDG Contributor Network: Integration Platform as a Service, the new kid on the integration block

For the third year in a row, analyst firm Gartner published last week its Magic Quadrant report of the “Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service” market, more commonly referred to by the iPaaS acronym.

What is an iPaaS?

The Gartner definition is a good (and precise) one: Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a cloud service that provides a platform to support application, data and process integration projects, usually involving a combination of cloud-based applications and data sources, APIs and on-premises systems.

In other terms, it’s an integration product that runs in the public cloud and is managed by the vendor. Usually it’s provided to its users as a multi-tenant service. In most cases it’s used to integrated SaaS applications, either with other SaaS applications, or with on-premises systems.

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from InfoWorld Cloud Computing

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