Google’s biggest cloud challenge? Serving enterprises

Last week Google made it clear that it takes cloud computing seriously: “dead serious,” as Diane Greene, Google’s top cloud exec, stressed. To make its case, the company brought out a range of enterprise customers (Disney, Domino’s, Best Buy, and others) and a bevy of functional improvements.

What it didn’t showcase, however, was the culture necessary to win over the enterprise.

Eric Knorr suggests that “perhaps most important of all in Google’s enterprise push is the rapid evolution of Kubernetes,” the company’s container project. Though important, such innovations don’t address the biggest gap in Google’s cloud: DNA. Even as “entire data centers are being closed and replaced by AWS,” as former AWS cloud chief Adrian Cockcroft highlights, Google needs to quickly learn to speak enterprise if it hopes to compete with corporate-savvy AWS.

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from InfoWorld Cloud Computing

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