IDG Contributor Network: An API-powered shopping season

The day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday, marks the opening of the holiday shopping season. As usual, stores witnessed stampedes of shoppers chasing early morning bargains, and online shopping sites got hit as early as midnight by cybershoppers trying to snatch the best deals. And it’s only the start, with this Monday, Cyber Monday, marking the beginning of a week of online specials.

Unlike every year before, this shopping season is driven by APIs. Since the beginning of 2015, APIs have become increasingly pervasive in all types of consumer interactions. Let’s take a tour of an API-driven shopping season.

API-enabled dynamic product pricing

Traditionally the realm of giant online merchants, the alchemy of dynamic product pricing is increasingly available to all retailers. Driven by big data and sometimes by artificial intelligence, this science is about offering the most competitive price without leaving money on the table. The problem is, once the best price has been computed, how does the store apply it across its online properties and its physical stores: shelves and checkouts?

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from InfoWorld Big Data

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